Mission Possible/Kenya

God has called 21 servants from Gurnee Community Church to be His hands and feet in Africa. We will try to visit several of the ministries of Paul & Leah Manyara, Simon & Margaret Muhota, and Ron and Ronda Addison. Some of those locations may include Green Pastures, Escarpment, and Maingi, all of which over-look the "Great Rift Valley." If time permits, we may be able to drive to Kasarani to check on that location as well. The tribe we will mosly be with are the Kikuyu Tribe. Joining us are Ron and Ronda Addison. They are missionaries who served in Kenya before returning to the U.S. for their new assignment as Project Coordinators for The Shepherd's Little Lambs, Africa and Moffat Bible College. They will be leading us on this amazing adventure for God.

The Missionaries that Gurnee Community Church Supports in Africa are Simon and Margaret Muhota of the AIC Church and Paul and Leah Manyara, who oversee the Moffat Bible College. These are both in Kijabe. We will be doing great work for God.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ministries in Kijabe, Kenya in East Africa

Paul and Leah Manyara: Bible Moffat College
Rev. and Mrs. Paul Manyara are national missionary partners, serving with Independent Gospel Missions since August, 2007.

Rev. Manyara is the Principal of Moffat Bible College, a post-secondary level Bible College in the community of Kijabe, Kenya in East Africa. This school has permanent registration with the Kenyan government and offers one and two year Certificates, a three year Diploma, and a one year Higher Diploma. Moffat students are training for further academic pursuits as well as for diverse ministries such as writers, prison chaplains, counselors, Christian school teachers, local church pastors or foreign missionaries. The college also trains all students in the area of HIV/AIDS Education.

Leah Manyara works with orphans and the poorest communities. She oversees three feeding centers, founded through Moffat Bible College, that provide one meal a day/six days per week to orphans within fifty miles of Kijabe. She also supervises training/feeding programs for widows in various churches. She is involved with teaching and assisting wives of Moffat students and coordinating women's fellowships and studies.

Simon and Margaret Muhota: World Missions Far Corners
Rev. Muhota's ministry is three dimensional strategy. Radio Evangelism: Reaching millions with the gospel of Christ through Bible teaching, music and other programs in more than ten languages. Discipleship training: Ministering to more than 50 churches in bible study, training seminars, prayer revivals and accountability. Vocational Training: The Vocational school trains young people who cannot go to college in brick making, furniture making, basic computer skills, sewing, and welding.

Margaret, his wife, runs a health clinic where she teaches women family health care and child evangelism. She also teaches HIV and AIDS awareness.

Ron and Ronda Addison: Little Lambs
Little Lambs is a community based orphan care program. It is a daycare program to help some of the nearly 2 million Kenyan children orphaned by AIDS as well as the poorest of the poor. Missionaries and nationals work together to provide a place for these children to receive consistent, loving Christian care. The daycare settings are in private homes as well as churches and buildings constructed specifically for Little Lambs.

Children are provided with one meal a day plus a snack. They are taught basic reading, writing and math by skilled teachers. Appropriate age-level information and education on AIDS is given. They are provided with school uniforms and supplies, clothing, shoes and medical care when funds are available. They are in a safe, loving environment where they are free to play, sign, and be children. Most importantly, they learn about God's love for them through bible teaching and the love shown to them by staff. Currently, there are three centers totaling 101 children.

Ron and Ronda Addison are U.S. Project Coordinators for Little Lambs, serving under AIM (Africa Inland Mission) for 11 years. Four of those years they lived in Kenya serving at AIM's International services, located at Wilson Airport.